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I hope you sang the title of this post to the tune of "Under Pressure" like I did, but if not that's OK, too.

Holy respiratory illness, ya'll. About three weeks ago I started feeling a bit under the weather and came down with the same cold plaguing most everyone else I was surrounded by. After about a week and a half I did not improve and was soon suffering a very painful sinus infection. Paired with being pregnant, I was down for the count. I felt bad missing a week of my commitment to blog every week this month, but health...it's important! And now I am returned!

One of the original goals I had set forth for Caught Redheaded when I first envisioned the blog was direct and easy access to all the recipes I posted. As it is now, the Caught Redheaded Cookbook is a page with links to each of the recipes I have posted thus far. You can find this in the menu bar at the top of the blog. Unfortunately, some of my older recipes are hosted still on my old Tumblr. New ones would obviously link here. I am currently toying around with the idea of creating an online file, probably a Google Doc, that can be shared and then consistently updated. That way, whenever a user with the link opens the digital cookbook, they have the most up to date version. We will see where this leads, but I am excited about the possibilities!

Today's addition is a very simple recipe that I cannot take credit for. I do however have a few edits and modifications I have made to suit my fancies. I found this recipe in a search for vegetarian enchiladas as my husband has been making the transition to a vegetarian lifestyle. For a meat roasting lady like myself, it has been a challenge, but this recipe on its own has almost made the whole journey worth it. I found the recipe in its original form at Oh, Sweet Basil. The filling and the sauce include cumin and chili powder, which I have modified to be a 1/2 teaspoon each in both the filling and the sauce. Additionally, the authors of Oh, Sweet Basil list flour ingredients in their recipe. I have typically been using whole wheat tortillas as I feel they hold up a bit better. This time around I found some fancy new 'artisian' tortillas as Travis calls them. Lastly, our family has recent fallen in love with the Vigo brand of flavored rices. Both the yellow and Mexican varieties add just the right amount of additional texture and substance to these enchiladas. No joke, we could probably eat this meal on a daily basis. So good!

If you have any suggestions for how I might host the Caught Redheaded Cookbook, feel free to let me know on Facebook or Instagram. I hope you all enjoy this recipe and have an amazing week! Until next Sunday!